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Kujo, Flying Dog Brewery, Delaware, US

FlyingDogKujoMichael Bates, writing for the York Press, recommended Flying Dog’s Kujo, which he said was one of his “long-term favourites in the way of coffee stouts”, describing it as “unctuous, rich, and decadent”.

He said: “Pouring viscous black with the slightest edge of a crema-brown foam, Kujo looks every bit as intense as it tastes. The nose is ashen toast, brown malt, rum-and-raisin fudge, all rounded out with sweet coffee cream and fruity dark chocolate. Sweet iced coffee runs alongside blackcurrant and roasted malt acidity, balanced elegantly alongside vanilla oakiness and caramel sauce.

“Liquorice and an element of sesame seed nuttiness collide with black cherry chocolates and a wallop of almond essence. All this flavour is held in check by the sweet, immense body of this coffee stout, carbonated evenly enough to lift the body without undermining its viscosity. It’s just as well it’s so strong; I’d happily drink it all myself, if only I could.”

Coffee stout, 8.9%

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