Top 10 beers in the world press

Hop-A-Wheelie, Boneyard Brewing, Bend, Oregon, US

dish_boneyardbrewing.wideaMartin Cizmar, taking to his Drank column in the Willamette Week, writes on this slightly intimidating Oregon beer.

He writes, “Wheelie gets four hops – Centennial, CTZ, Bravo and Cascade. Those Cascades are Oregon-grown on Crosby Hop Farm, and have a lighter, more delicate flavour than their acidic cousins from the high desert of Yakima.

“I’m not one to geek out on head retention or “lacing,” but it’s hard not to take notice of the pretty marshmallow of froth on top of my pint from Saraveza. Wheelie’s flavour is lightly sweet and citrusy, like lemon water and peach fuzz.”

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