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Top 10 most expensive beer countries

While it may not factor heavily in someone’s decision to visit a country, once there, it can prove a bit of a bore to pay an arm and a leg for a beer.

So here, with the help of, we’ve helpfully assembled the top 10 most expensive countries to buy a pint of your favourite lagers, saving you the blind panic of showing up at a bar without enough of its local currency.

From the midst of the middle east to the frozen tundra of northern Europe, you’ll not be caught short by local prices again.

Click through to see what countries currently make beer look like Champagne in a big glass…

10. France – £4.66

With Heineken and Kronenbourg proving popular pours here, the average price for France is an upsetting £4.66.

Maybe visitors should try sticking to the wine instead?

9. Guadaloupe – Average Price: £4.80

The French territory in the Lesser Antilles may be an example of paradise to some, but anyone who fancies a pint might not think the prices are so idyllic…

8. United Arab Emirates – £4.86

The populous, oil-drenched conglomerate of feudal kingdoms that is the UAE is unsurprisingly featured in our top 10 due the country’s strict islamic tradition, which forbids the drinking alcohol.

Thankfully, in efforts to bolster the global business approach of the country, alcohol still is permitted to be sold, albeit at a bit of a premium – and only in hotels or licensed nightclubs.

The law states that it’s illegal to be intoxicated in public, so it’s probably a good thing that the beer is so expensive!

7. Sweden – £5.00

The ancient forested land of Sweden, synonymous with Viking hoards and flatpack furniture, is undoubtably a gem of a country. World-class education, welfare, health, culture and pop music, it is the snow-swept envy of the world in many respects.

However, with popular brands including Tuborg and Falcon, its not so envy-inducing not-so in terms of its price-per-pint!

6. Singapore – £5.20

The rounded island and several islets off the south coast of Malaysia is a booming economic giant that punches well about its weight.

One of the four ‘Asian Tiger’ countries, and Tiger beer proving popular, Singapore certainly gives a terrifying roar with an average pint-price at £5.20.

5. Djibouti – £5.48

Propping up the horn of Africa, the islamic country is economically sound and serves as an important import/export state as it sits in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

A combination of these factors makes it tough to get a drink for cheap, with the average pint of beer – popular ones including Shizer and Ukelele – going for £5.48.

4. Qatar – £6.00

Steeped in football-related controversy at the minute is another gulf state where a simple beer is nothing if not hard to find for cheap.

Filled to the brim with natural gas reserves and islamic rule in full-force, those wishing to do business or take a tour of the country will have to fork out around £6.00-a-pint – and they will, considering the intense heat that Qatar is famed for!

3. Israel – £6.10

Sticking to the these of mad middle-eastern prices, Israel comes in at a hefty £6.10-per-pint of beer.

Popular pours include Carlsberg and Goldstar.

2. Norway – £6.78

Heading back up to the chilly climbs of Scandinavia, the Kingdom of Norway – where brands like Ringes, Mack and Hansa do well – piles on the pounds to its average beer prices, currently standing at an eye-watering £6.78!

1. Greenland – £7.35

And finally, this cold snap goes very much sub-zero, as Greenland takes beer prices to a whole new level of tear-inducing madness.

Part of the Kingdom of Denmark – which, as we’ve seen with the other Scandinavian countries, isn’t cheap itself (£4.60) – Greenland’s isolation and extreme conditions makes luxuries like beer a thing to savour. At £7.35, you’re going to want to make it last!

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