Top 10 most expensive beer countries

7. Sweden – £5.00

The ancient forested land of Sweden, synonymous with Viking hoards and flatpack furniture, is undoubtably a gem of a country. World-class education, welfare, health, culture and pop music, it is the snow-swept envy of the world in many respects.

However, with popular brands including Tuborg and Falcon, its not so envy-inducing not-so in terms of its price-per-pint!


2 Responses to “Top 10 most expensive beer countries”

  1. John McGeehan says:

    Umm- where’s Australia in that list? It costs $11 -12 for a pint of beer over there (yes really), which is around £6- £6.50!!!

  2. Peter Cousins says:

    Try the Royal Albert hotel Reservoir rd in Sydney I don’t recall
    spending that much for a pint ( & on handpumps as well ! ) I think it was about $9:00 a pint but the beer was in brilliant condition 1 light beer & 1 dark beer, did find a pub some years back in Perth WA $9 a pint in about 2005 very dear !
    Herts UK

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