Winebird’s top 10 Vinalogies

10: Sauvignon Blanc – The English country garden

Don’t you just love crisp spring mornings? With the inevitable April showers, it’s as if someone has spritzed the air with Sauvignon Blanc: the wine that tastes like an English country garden.

Breathe in the scent of freshly cut grass, damp ferns and asparagus in the vegetable patch. Elderflower and gooseberry bushes gracefully frame a wet stone path and the faint hint of classical music is just audible in the background. Ah, the peace and tranquillity! But what’s this?

The rain has stopped, the temperature is rising and someone has turned the volume on the stereo right up to the max. What’s more, they’ve added some bongo drums to the mix. The garden has taken on the feel of a tropical fiesta, and I swear the plants have grown bigger. Look what happens when you add some sun.

Sauvignon Blanc: arguably the most recognisable white grape variety around. It is the Marmite of wines; you either love it or you hate it. Along with its zesty, grass and wet stone flavours come distinctive aromas that its fans describe as elderflower, its dissenters as cat pee.

Sauvignon is the pale yellow, green-tinged white that’s always first to be picked out in a line-up. You may prefer it in its reserved, English garden mode, in which case you’d head straight for a cooler climate such as northern France. But if you’re more of a party fiend, digging the louder, more tropical, vibe, then head somewhere with a little more sunshine, like New Zealand or Chile.

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