Winebird’s top 10 Vinalogies

2: Zinfandel – The Hollywood icon

Fancy a night in with a Hollywood Icon? Well, who would be your leading man? Someone enigmatic and bold who demands attention? Throw in a penchant for alcohol, a tendency to put on weight and an intriguing European heritage, and there could be several contenders. If that’s who you’re after then it has got to be Zinfandel: the Hollywood Icon of the grape varieties, the Godfather of wine.

Full-on, full bodied and frequently high in alcohol, ‘Zin’ is not exactly a subtle wine. It oozes black cherry jam, prune and spicy fig flavours together with a fair whack of tannin that’ll stain your teeth bright blue. With roots in Europe (it has been genetically linked to Italy’s Primitivo and Croatia’s Crljenak Kastelanski grapes), the Californian treatment has made Zin a star and there’s no ignoring this captivating wine! So, if you’re a fan of big, charismatic personalities, Zinfandel is the way to go.

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