Top 10 wines of Bordeaux 2013

1. Yquem

© Gerard Uferas
Chateau D’Yquem juin 2012

For the first time a white wine topped the Liv-ex survey. Yquem has been widely proclaimed as one of the best wines of any colour.

Kennedy called it a, “very fine Yquem indeed”, with: “A very deep buttery golden colour with yellow glints; a pronounced and complex nose offering aromas of toasty caramel, vanilla, mint, baked pear, mango and clove. Very rich and sweet on the palate, masculine in style and weight yet beautifully smooth with a light creamy, peppery, spicy edge, the ripe orange fruit is broad, mouth-filling, and very round. The finish is very long indeed, with a distant hint of fleur de sel.”

Maybe, just maybe this could be the year for white wine en primeur despite a well-established lack of interest in this shamefully neglected sector of Bordeaux winemaking.

Then again, with all Yquem vintages since 2005 having seen huge losses since release as prices have been driven up by brand positioning – perhaps buyers will continue to stay away from this too.


5 Responses to “Top 10 wines of Bordeaux 2013”

  1. Prof. Colin Hay says:

    Excited to see Pichon Lalande here — this was, for me the most enticing and intriguing wine of the vintage – by some distance the best of the wines on show in the Medoc UGC tastings … It would have been nice, however, to see Domaine de Chevalier (rouge ou blanc) make the top 10; Evangile, too, was very impressive (though I suspect few tasted it)

    Colin Hay, Sciences Po, Paris

  2. craig says:

    Thanks for these insights. Some big names here. Would be nice to see top 10 petit chateaux.

  3. Steve Webb says:

    I’m sorry but Yquem is top (as it should be in this vintage) then you can’t rank Climens, l’Extravagant de Doisy Daene, de Fargues, Rieussec, Suduiraut, Guiraud, de Rayne Vigneau, SIgalas Rabaud, Coutet and Raymond Lafon below any of the reds. I’d accept happily a couple of the dry whites into the top ten but there should not be any reds anywhere near the top! Miracles of modern wine-making over extremely adverse conditions many of them are but that doesn’t make them good enough wines to beat any of the top Sauternes and Barsacs in 2013.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Whites from Entre Deux Mers region retailing for 8-15£ will be the best value you get out of Bordeaux region this year. Plus you do not have to wait 2 years for receiving your bottle!

  5. sly says:


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