Top 10 books for wine lovers

A Good Year by Peter Mayle

7. A Good Year by Peter MayleThe basis of Ridley Scott’s feature film starring Russel Crowe, A Good Year is set in Provence and tells the story of Max Skinner, a London stockbroker who loses his job before finding out that he has inherited a vineyard in France from his late uncle Henry.

Transplanted to the French countryside, Skinner embarks on a career as a vintner only to find the walls of his new endeavour in a state of disrepair, a gruff winemaker and a twenty-something Napa Valley native determined to challenge his claim on the vineyard.




2 Responses to “Top 10 books for wine lovers”

  1. Virginie Saverys says:

    Two other great books about history and wine:

    Don Kladstrup : Wine and war
    Paul Lukacs : Inventing wine, a new history of one of the world’s most ancient pleasures

  2. Ron Irvine says:

    Two excellent books set in Washington State: The Wine Project by Ron Irvine and Walter Clore (a not your typical history book; and The Winemaker’s Daughter by Tim Egan, a story of greed and honor set in the framework of a father’s vineyard and winery.

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