The future of Argentine Malbec

Daniel Pi, chief winemaker, Trapiche

Daniel-Pi-TrapicheWith global Malbec plantings on the up, Pi believes it is more important than ever for Argentine winemakers to reinforce their status as the “kings” of Malbec. “With Chile having recently developed an interest in planting Malbec, I think everyone is going to try and jump on the bandwagon, but people will remember Argentina as the first,” he says, adding, “With our altitude and abundance of pre-phylloxera vines, Argentina has unique characteristics that allow Malbec to express its full potential.” Pi believes a focus on single vineyard Malbec will be key for Argentina to stand out from the crowd and highlight the quality of its offering.

“The next step for Argentina is to make terroir-driven Malbec that speaks of a specific plot. You can certainly get a sense of place from Malbec. The character of the grape changes from region to region, with Cafayate, San Juan and Mendoza all producing discernibly different styles,” he says. Pi has been making single vineyard Malbec since 2005, flagging up what he deems to be the best three microterroirs in Mendoza each year from the 90 sites Trapiche works with.

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