Top 10 craft beer bars in Hong Kong

The craft beer trend has been wholeheartedly embraced by Hong Kong, where pubs bars and restaurants have improved the variety and quality of craft beers on offer, writes Eliot Ip.

The Globe Hong KongAs reported in the recent issue of the drinks business Hong Kong, in the last five years or so the city has gone from being held exclusively in the thrall of the world’s major brewing brands, to a burgeoning, if yet small, craft beer industry.

Hong Kong’s high rents and small spaces make craft brewing difficult, even from a homebrew perspective, but industry watchers are confident that the growing popularity of craft beers in Hong Kong may go some way to stifling objections about its viability.

As part of this growing trend a number of craft beer bars have opened in Hong Kong, click through the following pages for 10 of the best.

3 Responses to “Top 10 craft beer bars in Hong Kong”

  1. Brian Labouf says:

    Okay, so where is Grouchos in this list? Often amazes me that all these articles about “Craft beer in Hong Kong” fails to mention Grouchos which has a decent following, and last time I was there, they had American and British Craft beer, like Rogue Hazelnut, Brew Dog, and a handful of nice Belgian beers. This was a while ago though, and I have heard it has changed ownership recently and gone downhill. Still, was one of the cheapest beer frequents with a wonderful view of the sea. Check it out, instead of making these “Top 10 Craft Breweries in HK” all the same every year but just the number order switched around. There are a stack of other good places in HK if you look hard enough.

  2. John says:

    You’ve missed out the best beer I tasted in HK! Young Master Ales are phenomenal! I have had West Coast and Oregon Craft Beers from the US, Aussie and UK IPAs and Real Ales: Young Master holds its own with all of them. Highly, highly recommended!

  3. Tomic T says:

    you cant call these top 10 places craft breweries. I mean who is actually brewing beer, real beer, not bottled beer.
    Where are the real Micro Breweries. Any place that boasts 10 or more beers is not a real craft beer place. I mean there’s one
    mentioned selling a range of 90 beers but none are brewed on site. A real craft micro brewery brewing on site will only have about four regular beers and the fifth would be alternating.
    Many of these international bottled beers being sold at these sites are just big company brewed beers which are crap and have nothing to do with proper brewing methods. People just dont know any better.

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