Nino Franco photo competition

Rolling pins of fizz and new friends

Number six

This entry came from Sumayya Jamil.

Artist’s statement: Going alone to a course in a new place with new people is always a bit daunting as it is exciting. This photo illustrates how being surrounded by nature, diverse people and good fizzy wine can slowly peel away apprehensions, find common ground and create friendships that last a lifetime. This picture was composed using the many bottles of Nino Franco Prosecco that was consumed over the three days (there were more bottles, I didn’t use them all) – signifying how the beauty of natural Ireland, together with laughs and common interests bonds a group of strangers. The composition resembles bowling pins, as bowling a game that always makes you think of teamwork, friendship and fun; placed on natural pebbles that formed the drive way of the cottages we resided in. These bottles of Prosecco were our bonding element that weekend, created memories through teamwork and mutual love for good food, writing, photography – and of course, excellent fizzy wine.

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