World’s biggest booze breakages

And finally…

Clos de Griffer Vieux Cognac

The Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac from 1788 before it was smashed

As previously reported by db, almost exactly one year ago, a customer at London’s Playboy Club accidentally smashed a £50,000 bottle of Cognac destined for a record-breaking cocktail.

The Coganc, a Clos de Griffier Vieux from 1788, was destroyed after a businessman, who had ordered two glasses of the brandy at £5,050 a measure, asked to look at the bottle.

As the customer stood up, he sent the bottle flying across the club, before it smashed on the floor.

The Cognac was due to feature in the world’s most expensive cocktail, which would have been mixed by Salvatore Calabrese in front of judges from Guinness World Records.

The bottle was not insured because it had already been opened.

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