Top 10 brands ruling social media

8 – Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel's

This photo received 20,000 likes on the JC Facebook page

Twitter (Jack Honey): 6k followers, 700 tweets –

Facebook: 4.8m followers, 93k talking about –

Jack Daniel’s appears to have invested a great deal more time and effort in its Facebook page than it has in Twitter; and 4.8m Facebook likes is very hard to ignore. The FB page predominately uses a range of iconic brand images to engage its users and it appears to work. This mirrors much of the brand’s advertising strategy, which tends to be more storytelling than hard selling.

The image shown here was recently posted on the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page with the simple text: “Distilled. Mellowed. Matured. Tasted. Enjoyed.”. It gained nearly 20,000 likes.

YouTube is other social media outlet that Jack Daniel’s have worked on, with between two and three videos (on average) published on its channel each week. The channel currently has 514 subscribers and has amassed nearly 650,000 video views.

In 2012 Digiday reported that Jack Daniel’s made the decision to switch its Facebook strategy from selling to storytelling.

Phil Epps, brand director at Jack Daniel’s said: “Ever since we’ve made this conscious shift, we have seen that our engagement on Facebook is increasing at an incredibly fast rate. Are we selling more product? Well, that’s difficult to measure as I am sure you know. But as the brand is more top-of-mind, we will see an increase in sales.”

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  1. Ness says:

    Nice to see Eastern European born brands so high here 🙂

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