Top 10 brands ruling social media

2 – Smirnoff

SmirnoffTwitter 13k followers, 4k tweets –

Facebook 9.1m likes, 178k talking about –

Smirnoff is another brand that uses its social media to market offline events and bring people together in both online and offline communities. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange encouraged social media users to share details of their favourite clubbing and nightlife experiences. Smirnoff then brought all these together and and created the “ultimate nightlife experience”, hosted across 50 countries in 6 continents.

Last year an Australian court ruled that branded Facebook pages should be subjected to the same rules as advertising, and this includes third party comments. In the case, which involved Smirnoff, the judge ruled: “The Facebook site of an advertiser is a marketing communication tool over which the advertiser has a reasonable degree of control and could be considered to draw the attention of a segment of the public to a product in a manner calculated to promote or oppose directly or indirectly that product”.

Smirnoff has taken a much more responsible attitude to its social media since the ruling. As well as campaigns such as the nightlife exchange, Smirnoff uses its social media to create brand awareness and let people know about the range of products and flavoured vodkas that it has available. The picture shown here was posted with the comment “Spring is so close we can almost taste it. Who wants a sip?”.

With the sheer scale of numbers Smirnoff deserves a top spot on this list (Smirnoff Ice also has 1.3m Facebook likes), and the brand has also had over two million video views on its YouTube channel.

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  1. Ness says:

    Nice to see Eastern European born brands so high here 🙂

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