China: Top 10 improvements


china-wine-storeThere is something magical about browsing the aisles of a well-stocked shop and actually feeling the bottle in your hands before purchasing it. Yet browse around most wine shops in China and all you will find is a replication of the same wines you find on the home delivery lists from local importers and thus also the same wines you will find on restaurant wine lists all around town.

The answer is for wine shops to set up their own distribution networks. While it does involve time and capital, the rewards will be worth the effort for both the shops and their patrons.

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  1. H says:

    Fine article about habits and traditions. How often do you see people drinking wine in China? is it really possible that consumption has reached 1L per capita? Or the statistics refer only to imports of wine, which no one knows whether it was sold? is wine consumption going to rise as much as press says?

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