China: Top 10 improvements


Mrs. Liu Ning from Huailai Amethyst Manor Winery

Mrs. Liu Ning from Huailai Amethyst Manor Winery

Part of a vibrant wine culture includes having a quality selection of locally made wines. China is currently stuck between two extremes. On the one hand there are the mass-produced Chinese wines, and on the other hand there are “high-end” producers making a wine that in quality is relatively indistinguishable from the mass- produced wine but that comes with a price tag upwards of US$100 (HK$778) a bottle and a decidedly fancier package.

Faced with a choice of bad cheap wine or bad expensive wine the customer is ultimately left drinking something that does nothing to enhance their appreciation of wine.

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  1. H says:

    Fine article about habits and traditions. How often do you see people drinking wine in China? is it really possible that consumption has reached 1L per capita? Or the statistics refer only to imports of wine, which no one knows whether it was sold? is wine consumption going to rise as much as press says?

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