Top 10 weird and wacky drinks gadgets


1. The Beer Belly and Wine Rack Bra

The Wine Rack Bra will hold a full 750ml bottle of wine and comes with a straw for sipping, thanks to the watertight tubing.

“It’s an idea whose time had come,” says Paul Krasulja, general manager of US based online site, which specialises in selling off-beat gifts.

“It had been coming for a long time.”

The Wine Rack Bra has been on the market for at least three years and business remains brisk.

But men are not left out with The Beer Belly also available. 

The Beer belly and Wine Rack Bra were both created by serial entrepreneur Brooks Lambert, a 50-year-old Californian who came up with the idea when he and a friend were hanging out in his backyard, remembering how they used to sneak beer into ball games and movies.






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  1. Eiray says:

    I don’t find No.8….

  2. Martin Crummy says:

    Hey, We have added an extra page to the post now, so that page 8 is easier to find. Let us know if you are still having issues.

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