“World’s best-selling spirit” hits UK

Jinro Soju, reportedly the world’s best-selling spirit brand, has agreed a UK distribution partnership with Hi-Spirits.

According to latest figures, Jinro Soju, which is produced in South Korea, sells a word-beating 63 million cases a year.

It is described as “a versatile 25% abv white spirit which makes an ideal base for cocktails and long drinks”, mainly thanks to its neutral flavour profile.

The brand has been produced since 1926, and is now sold in more than 80 countries.

Hi-Spirits will distribute the brand to the UK on-trade and off-trade alongside its existing portfolio, which includes Antica Sambuca, Sebor Absinth, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, and Fireball liqueur with cinnamon and whiskey.

Jeremy Hill, chairman of Hi-Spirits, said: “Jinro Soju is a great addition to our portfolio.

“We’ve demonstrated time and again that we can reposition spirits previously thought to be niche categories into the mainstream of the drinks industry, and we see a huge opportunity for Jinro Soju.

“With a lower abv than other ‘clean’ spirits such as vodka, it can be used to create a wide range of cocktails and mixed drinks, from classics such as mojitos and martinis to bartenders’ own signature drinks.

“It’s ideal for customers looking for lower alcohol options, while the lower rate of duty also makes it a very cost-effective way to serve mixed drinks.

“In the off-trade, aperitif-strength drinks have traditionally been brands with very distinctive flavours.

“At 25% abv, the neutral flavour of Jinro Soju allows customers the versatility to make a much wider range of mixed drinks at home.

“When combined with a mixer or fruit juice, the abv of a Jinro Soju drink is roughly the same as that of a glass of wine, making it an ideal accompaniment to food.”

In its home country, Jinro Soju is often served ice cold on its own, or mixed with flavours such as apple and ginger and enjoyed as an accompaniment to spicy barbecued Korean dishes.

Jinro Soju is available in 70cl bottles in cases of 12.

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