Photographer captures Champagne’s greatest

Anselme Selosse, Domaine Jacques Selosse


Anselme Selosse; Photo credit: Colin Hampden-White

This image creates a markedly different mood to the Pol Roger picture, and here Anselme Selosse is set back from the camera, almost dwarfed by the concrete vats around him. It has been created to suggest that Anselm is “a bit of a loner in terms of Champagne making,” says Colin, referring to his unusual approach to the process, such as biodynamic practices and fermenations in oak. It’s also designed to stress that Anselme is “very much involved in the winemaking process himself”. As for the industrial feel to the image, this was chosen to remind the viewer that Selosse is “less corporate”. Anselme took over the Champagne house from his father, Jacques, in 1980

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