Lafite 82 worth 8x its weight in silver

Just as the drinks business was running out of reasons to write about Lafite, undoubtedly the most-mentioned label of 2010, it has stumbled across one final need to consider this first growth before the year draws to a festive close.

lafite.jpgThis is because Liv-ex has attempted to ascertain exactly how valuable Lafite from the famed 82 vintage has become relative to other precious commodities and has found that a single bottle is worth eight times its weight in silver.

Or, half a tonne of copper; and four ounces in gold. The results are based on the fact that 75cl of Lafite 82 weights approximately 750g (excluding the glass) and is trading at £3,500 on the fine wine exchange, which is up 61% year-to-date – it was £2,170 at the start of 2010.

It was also discovered that Lafite 82 is worth almost four times its weight in black truffles, while, taking a more timely comparison, 14 times the price of its equivalent weight in Frankincense or 100 times that of Myrrh resin (see bar chart for values).

Lafite’s ascendancy is of course directly attributable to China’s rise as a fine wine consumer, and it has been an active year for the first growth, with the addition of the Chinese symbol for eight – and infinity – to its 2008 vintage, and a high-profile sale from the winery’s own cellars.

Will the growth continue in 2011? As our report on fine wine brands in December’s drinks business suggests, the market, Lafite included, will doubtless be characterised by ever-rising peaks and troughs.













Patrick Schmitt, 23.12.2010


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