New Zealand – Little wonder

In fact Pinot Noir is not the only red grape variety to be making a name for itself. Hawke’s Bay, once famed for its Cabernet/ Merlot blends, has now become the home of New Zealand Syrah. “One key issue with New Zealand is that it is still only seen by consumers as a producer of Sauvignon Blanc and the occasional Pinot Noir. However, through the recent regionally based tastings New Zealand is slowly gaining recognition for the diversity of grape varieties it can produce. In a competitive wine market, to avoid being dragged into the mass-market price wars, a clear differentiation strategy is essential,” says Tim Veale, marketing manager, Louis Latour Ltd, which has recently been appointed UK agent for Craggy Range, as well as the popular price level Wild Rock brand.

Generic marketing certainly has its place when it comes to raising the profile of a wine producing country – especially one as small as New Zealand – but when a certain level of awareness is created, people start looking to add a second level of value. Wine Australia’s promotion of its country’s “regionality” is a case in point. “Generic country promotion is really important for New Zealand, but because the category is still fairly limited, efforts need to be focused on highlighting the quality and variety of wines and the key differences and strengths of the regions,” says Chris Seifried, head winemaker, Seifried Estate, in the South Island’s Nelson region. “It is critical for the future success of New Zealand wines that all

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