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In a world filled with wine competitions, any new arrival needs a strong case to justify its existence. Unlike other international competitions, The Drinks Business Global Masters series is judged by grape variety rather than country. That single fact eliminates the inevitable preconceptions that even the most professional taster encounters, allowing all wines to be assessed on a level playing field, regardless of their country of origin.

The success of this formula is borne out in the results. While a number of star names from high profile regions proved the solid foundations of their reputation, the medal rankings also reveal some hidden gems. These may come from countries not widely known for top quality wine production, or simply those whose image is more closely tied to other grape varieties.


By grape (100% VARIETAL)

The Global Chardonnay Masters

The Global Pinot Noir Masters

The Global Riesling Masters

The Global Pinot Grigio Masters


Blends (Min 50% Varietal)

The Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters

The Global Syrah Masters

The Global Malbec Masters

The Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters


By Style

The Global Rosé Masters:

The best still and sparkling rosés will be judged by style and price exclusively. The goal of this tasting is to identify the best rosés from all around the world in every price range. The wines are categorised by oaked/unoaked and by their sugar level.

The Global Sparkling Masters:

The Global Sparkling Masters will judge sparkling wines made in a wide variety of styles. The wines will be judge by production method (traditional, tank/charmat, transfer method and carbonation method) and by their sugar level.

The Global Fortified Masters:

The Fortified Masters will reward the best fortified wines on offer. The wines will be judged blind by a panel of high regarded judges known for their expertise in the fortified wine sector.

The Global Organic Masters:

Organic wines have entered the mainstream in recent years as a popular choice for consumers, and this has been reflected in an increase in production around the world. The Global Organic Masters judge certified wines from around the world, and are open to all styles of wine.


By region

The Prosecco Masters:

The competition reflects the growth in popularity of this fresh and exciting sparkling wine from the picturesque regions of Veneto and Friuli. The wines are judged by appellation: DOC, DOCG, DOCG Cartizze and by sugar level.

The Champagne Masters:

The Champagne Masters is the only Champagne blind tasting in the UK, the competition will reward the best wines in the following categories:

• Non-vintage
• Vintage
• Blanc de blancs
• Blanc de noirs
• Rosé
• Prestige Cuvée
• Alternative grapes varieties
• Design & Packaging

The Rioja Masters:

The competition recognises and rewards the finest Rioja. A panel of leading industry experts will judge the wines submitted in a blind tasting, to discover the best wines of this incredible region in six categories:
• Joven
• Crianza
• Reserva
• Gran Reserva
• Vinos de autor
• Rioja 15 years and older