Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley takes off in new direction

Because of its microclimates, winemakers in Australia’s Yarra Valley are moving away from planting traditional grapes and are starting to work with lesser-known varieties. Natasha Hughes MW speaks to vintners about the new direction.

Bicknell: Terroir is used as a marketing tool

The concept of terroir is often over-stated as a way to sell wines in Burgundy and house style kept quiet according to Yarra Valley winemaker David Bicknell.

Uncorked: Paul Bridgeman of Levantine Hill

Paul Bridgeman, winemaker of Australia's Levantine Hill winery, chats to dbHK about his non-reciprocal love affair with Islay single-malt whisky and Mateus Rosé.

The week in pictures

This week in the world of drinks, Will Ferrell whiled away the day in Yarra Valley, we sampled the pre-prohibition whiskeys now available at Grosvenor House, and one brewery doggo finally got the recognition she deserves.

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