Tovaritch! poised to become second biggest Russian vodka in Britain’s bars

Tovaritch! plans to become the second best-selling Russian vodka in Britain’s bars by 2020 with a new and “innovative” marketing campaign.

‘Bored’ Russian steals wine in ram raid with stolen tank

A Russian man has been arrested after he allegedly stole an armoured vehicle and used it to carry out a ram raid on a supermarket – but he only stole one bottle of wine. 

Ex-Russian minister mistakes $2 million cash for alcohol

A former Russian economy minister has denied accepting a bribe in return for approving the sale of a state-owned oil company in Russia, claiming he mistook a bag filled with $2 million in cash for a gift of alcohol.

Russia’s Art Russe lends name to Bordeaux’s Château La Grâce Dieu Des Prieurs

Château La Grâce Dieu Des Prieurs in Saint-Emilion has been recognised at the VS Pack Trade Show in France for its innovative Art Russe wine gift box, produced in partnership with the Russian art foundation.

December 1916: killing Rasputin

December 22nd, 2016

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