Ex-Russian minister mistakes $2 million cash for alcohol

A former Russian economy minister has denied accepting a bribe in return for approving the sale of a state-owned oil company in Russia, claiming he mistook a bag filled with $2 million in cash for a gift of alcohol.

This is how to say “cheers!” around the world

Do you know your prosts from your zum wohls? We've teamed up with language app Babble to show you how to say "cheers" around the world, from Portugal to Poland.

Soviet-era winery set to re-open to tourists from 2020

A winery that was once one of the largest Soviet-era wineries in south Russia is to be rebuilt as part of a two billion ruble (US$35m) investment, with plans to welcome tourists to the winery in the Black Sea resort of Anapa from 2020.

Scythian exhibition reveals wine, cheese and weed habits of ancient nomads

The wine drinking, cheese making and marijuana smoking mores of the fearsome ancient nomads, the Scythians, is laid bare at a new exhibition at the British Museum this autumn.

December 1916: killing Rasputin

December 22nd, 2016

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