Russians told to swap vodka for wine to boost health

The head of the Russian Agriculture Ministry, Alexander Tkachyov, has encouraged the country's citizens to swap spirits for wine in a bid to boost their health. 

Russia bans wine imports from Montenegro

Russia has reportedly banned wine imports from Montenegro's biggest producer over claims of "sanitary failing", leading the producer to denounce the ban as retaliation for its plans to join NATO.

Europe’s wine consumption falls while Asia’s surges

China, which is expected to become the world’s second most valuable market by 2020, will represent 72% of worldwide wine imports growth, Vinexpo CEO said at a press conference in Hong Kong last week.

€230 million worth of fake alcohol & food seized worldwide

A joint operation carried out by Interpol and Europol seized 26.4 million litres of counterfeit alcohol and more than 9,800 tonnes of fake food worldwide worth an estimated €230 million, Interpol announced on its website.

December 1916: killing Rasputin

December 22nd, 2016

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