Finnish MP called away from debate on alcohol liberalisation to help drunk political aid

A Finnish MP had to leave a parliamentary debate on the liberalisation of alcohol to attend to a political aid with suspected alcohol poisoning last Thursday, according to Finnish newspaper Aamulehti.

Victory as UK beer taxes are frozen

The Chancellor George Osborne has today announced a freeze in beer duty in support of brewers, pubs and beer drinkers.

50 MPs back CAMRA campaign to cut beer duty

A letter signed by 50 UK MPs from across all parties has been delivered to the Treasury in support of British pubs, calling on the chancellor to freeze beer duty for the rest of this Parliament and introduce an annual £5,000 business rate relief for pubs ahead of this week's Budget.

Gerry Adams mocked in Parliament for thinking wine costs £25

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams was mocked in Parliament yesterday after declaring to the house that a bottle of wine costs €30 (£26.79).

MPs made ‘beer champions’

January 23rd, 2014

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