Napa Valley Vintners

California starts on road to recovery after devastating wildfires

It will take years for the forests, hillsides and wineries of California's wine country to recover after 10 days of intense wildfires that claimed 41 lives and destroyed thousands of homes, but damage to the wine industry in the Napa Valley does not appear to be widespread, Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) has said.

Premiere Napa auction to put lots online

The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) has announced that over 40 lots from its annual auction will be put online for international buyers to bid on for the first time.

Coppolas add Hollywood glamour to Auction Napa Valley

Director Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sofia added a splash of Hollywood glamour to this year’s Auction Napa Valley, which raised $15.7 million for local charities.

Death toll rises as wildfires devastate Napa and Sonoma wine country

Wildfires continued to rage throughout Northern California overnight, with 23 people now reported to have lost their lives and several wineries completely destroyed, with many more sustaining extensive damage.

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