Naked Wines ‘most social media-savvy’ wine retailer

Naked Wines delivers the most engaging content to its customers across social media platforms, according to new research into wine retailers' online activity.

Pokémon Go spawns Chardonnay Go skit

Augmented reality game craze Pokémon Go has given rise to a wine-based comedy skit, Chardonnay Go, from US comedian Dena Blizzard.

What if Facebook made beer?

Can you imagine what beers produced by some of the world's biggest tech and fashion brands would look like? One design agency decided to give it a go.

100-year-old woman is beer-pong master

Happiness is not being free of financial worries, not sipping endless cocktails on a paradise island... no – happiness is a 100-year-old woman surprising herself by being really good at beer-pong.

Bud launches Facebook beer buying

September 9th, 2014

Facebook enters the wine business

February 19th, 2013

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