China to slap 15% import tariff on US wines in retaliation to Trump’s trade war

China has announced today that it is going to slap an extra 15% import tariff on American wine as part of its retaliation against the Trump administration's decision on Thursday to levy tariffs on about US$50 billion worth of Chinese imports.

Ancient rice wine discovered in China

Archaeologists in the Chinese province of Shaanxi say they have found 300ml of 2,000-year-old rice wine in a bronze pot – one of the oldest still liquid beverages ever discovered but not the first.

Nearly 40% Chinese consumers admit to purchasing fake booze

A survey recently conducted by a Chinese newspaper found that close to 40% of respondents admitted to purchasing counterfeit alcohol, leading the paper to declare that booze is the “worst-hit area of fake goods”.

Could Sichuan be China’s high-altitude wine region?

Sichuan province, bordering Yunnan and Tibet in southwestern China, was tapped by local government as the new testing ground for high-altitude viticulture, as the province's wine industry turnover exceeds RMB 700 million (US$110 million). 

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