ANIVIN de France

Anivin De France selects 130 ambassadors

Anivin De France, the organisation responsible for promoting Vin De France wines, has chosen 130 ambassador wines for 2019.

ANIVIN gears up for Vin de France blind tasting

Around 40 buyers from across the world will flock to Paris this week for trade body Vin de France's annual blind tasting.

ProWein 2017: Exhibitor Highlights

In our second preview of ProWein 2017, we highlight some of the activities exhibitors will be putting on during the annual trade show, which opens on Sunday.

Anivin de France announces Best Value Vin de France winners

Over 150 wines have been awarded medals in this year’s Best Value Vin de France Selection at a blind tasting held in Paris earlier this month.

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