Ryan Reynolds donates gin proceeds to bartenders

25th March, 2020

Actor Ryan Reynolds gave us another reason to love him last night after announcing that he’s going to donate proceeds from sales of his Aviation Gin to the American bartending community.

Actor and all-round good egg Ryan Reynolds will de donating proceeds from sales of his Aviation Gin to bartenders

The Hollywood hunk announced on Twitter yesterday that from now until 1 May, 30% of the proceeds from online sales of Aviation Gin will be donated to the United States Bartenders Guild.

The gin needs to be bought for home delivery from one of Aviation’s national partners in the campaign, which include ReserveBar, Drizly, Wine.com, TotalWine, MiniBar, and Caskers.

Reynolds’ act of kindness comes on top of a the $15,000 donation Aviation has already made to the United States Bartenders Guild.

The USBG has launched a Covid-19 relief fund for the American bartending community for all mixologists, regardless of membership status, currently affected by reduced hours or job loss due to the coronavirus crisis.

In February, Reynolds struck a deal with Proof Drinks to distribute Aviation Gin, which is distilled and bottled in Portland, Oregon, in the UK.

According to Nielsen, Aviation was responsible for 37% of the total gin category growth in the US last year. The brand is on sale in over 40 countries and has plans for further international expansion this year.

“The UK is a huge priority for us. It’s the most discerning gin market and we’re hopeful the momentum we have around the world and in the UK will help us worm our way into more hearts, minds and Martini glasses across Great Britain,” Reynolds said of his partnership with Proof Drinks.

HK bars rage at government’s alcohol ban policy

24th March, 2020

To combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the Hong Kong government will suspend liquor licenses across the city but with no corresponding compensation plan for the industry at the moment, the F&B trade is expected to face severe losses.

The Hong Kong government has announced the temporary ban of 8,600 liquor licenses issued to restaurants, bars and clubs across the city. Although the date when this will become effective has not been announced yet, it has aroused concern from the industry, especially bars.

“In the past months, the F&B industry in general has suffered a lot especially in Central due to the outbreak of [last year’s] protests and Covid-19. Amid the epidemic situation, a majority of residents are homebound, which has impacted our business directly. I used to run with a team of nine, but now the team size is reduced to six only. To cope with the difficult financial situation, we have been asked to take No Pay Leave, prolong paying suppliers’ and whatever other measures to reduce our fixed costs as much as possible. Already a few sacrifices were done from our side to stay afloat……” one bar manager of a rooftop bar in Central told us.

Cat Hou, chair of the Bartenders & Mixologists Union of Hong Kong, commented: “We are disappointed by the abrupt decision made by the government. The entire policy is not well-planned at all. We have no idea when it is going to roll out, let alone whether the government will compensate us for our loss.

“All the way since the outbreak of virus, workers in the industry have been complying with the precautionary measures to safeguard the dining and drinking environment for our guests. To date (23 Mar), only two workers in the bar area were found infected, when most of the confirmed cases linked with the Lan Kwai Fong area were customers.

“The industry understands the ever-changing epidemic situation and in fact, we are willing to stand with Hong Kong and fight the virus together. Having said that, it is fair for the entire F&B industry to shut temporarily if it is necessary. However, I think the current policy only does half of its purpose. If the government reckons mass gatherings should be controlled, why don’t they ban restaurants as well? Catching up with friends for coffee is potentially having the same risk as drinking in bars.”

As the law amendment announcement was made very suddenly, it left the industry with a lot of questions. Apart from the exact effective period, there are grey areas that yet to be clarified, for example, is it possible to waive the corkage and allow BYOB in restaurants? There are also concerns about the coverage of the alcohol ban.

The Central bar manager added, “If the sale of alcohol is banned, it should apply to all channels. Right now, the government is prohibiting alcohol sales in restaurants, bars and clubs, but my question will be: what about street shops? For example, convenience stores are still selling alcohol 24/7 and at times people used to gather in front of these shopfronts after the bars are closed. When the policy is in force, this might just move the crowd from bars to another place.”

Hou also expressed concern that the banning of licenses would lead to the rise of non-licensed drinking venues in the city.

A group of employers and employees working in the local hospitality sector have staged a petition to call for the attention of the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Paul Chan, to provide relief measures to the industry, including rent reduction and emergency unemployment support.


24th March, 2020


散装葡萄酒及烈酒展览会WBWE Asia,鉴于新冠病毒已在全球多个酒类生产国及贸易国造成了严重的影响,现决定将在烟台举办的第二届展览会亚洲展由原定举办日期2020年5月29至30日延期至7月12至13日。


WBWE Asia 组委会日夜不停的做分析与评估工作,并认为最佳的会展时间是7月,组委会预估届时业界已处于全面复兴状态。

WBWE执行总裁Ms. Otilia Romero de Condés女士表示:对延期所造成的不便之处,WBWE Asia 组委会诚恳期待各位业界精英的理解,并携手共同抗疫到底,同时对业界同仁的支持表示诚挚的谢意!


24th March, 2020



京东每周都会邀请太和的音乐家和DJ在直播平台JD Live上进行为时三小时的现场音乐表演,同时鼓励观众购买酒品。







24th March, 2020






一位当地餐馆老板告诉db Asia,这将对行业带来巨大的打击,尤其是他们严重依赖饮料销售来增加收入。





24th March, 2020





帝亚吉欧首席执行官Ivan Menezes表示:“医护人员站在与病作搏斗的最前线,我们决心尽一切可能帮助保护他们。“


24th March, 2020

本周在伦敦苏富比拍卖会上,拍卖行以523,000英镑的价格出售了一瓶52年的轻井泽“十二生肖鼠” 1960年,刷新了纪錄。


拍卖的亮点是一瓶52年的轻井泽日本威士忌。 “生肖鼠” 系列的1960年酒桶#5627是轻井泽有史以来发行最有歷史的威士忌。这瓶酒的估价为160,000英镑至220,000英镑,最终以363,000英镑(435,273美元)的全新世界纪录售出予亚洲买家。

几瓶罕見的麦卡伦威士忌​​在拍卖会上也很畅销。完整的垂直版麦卡伦(Lalique六大支柱收藏)以423,500英镑的价格售出,而72年的麦卡伦Lalique Genesis Decanter則以84,700英镑的价格购得。

苏富比洋酒部環球主管Jamie Ritchie表示:“在特殊情况下,藏家们的坚持令拍卖會獲得成功,其中一瓶日本威士忌更成为有史以来最有价值的威士忌,伴随而来的是高价苏格兰威士忌--麦卡伦的Decanters系列。

Bars and entertainment venues in Singapore to shut for a month

24th March, 2020

The Ministry of Health of Singapore has announced that entertainment venues, including nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, and karaoke outlets will be closed from 26 March 26 11:59pm till April 30.

The measure is imposed to stop the new wave of Covid-19 due to imported cases.

It is hoped the new measures will significantly reduce mass gatherings in public areas. Entertainment venues, covering bars, night clubs, discos, cinemas, theatres, and karaoke outlets will be closed until till 30 April, but the blanket.ruling could be extended if the number of cases continues to grow

Restaurants’ are being asked to implement careful restrictions. For example, tables must be spaced out. Additionally, the group size of social gatherings is limited to 10 people.

Other public venues such as shopping centres, museums and public attractions can stay open, but operators must ensure the venue does not have more than one person per 16 square metre of usable space.

To date, Singapore has a total of 558 confirmed cases. As reported on 23 March, there are 49 new Covid-19 cases, including 32 imported cases.

The drinks companies supporting the hospitality industry during Covid-19

24th March, 2020

As restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés are closed around the world due to Covid-19, we round up the drinks companies that have pledged to support the hospitality industry through one of its darkest times.

While the lockdown in the city of Wuhan, where Covid-19 was first detected, is set to be lifted on 8 April, the spread of the coronavirus outside China has intensified.

The UK is now on lockdown, while other European countries including Italy, France and Spain, have already had stringent measures in place for some time.

South Africa, the country with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa, has recently announced a three-week lockdown.

In the US, 16 states, including California, Oregon and Michigan, nine counties and three cities have urged inhabitants to remain at home.

For the time being, in many countries and regions around the world, the hospitality industry has ceased to exist.

We’ve rounded up the drinks companies who have pledged to donate funds to support workers that have lost their livelihoods.

Other companies, including Carlsberg, Campari and Zamora Company, have donated money to researchers studying the virus, local healthcare facilities and disadvantaged groups within the community.

Italian wine group Cantine Riunite & CIV, for example, has donated €300,00 to support the fight against Covid-19 in Italy, the worst hit country in Europe.

The money has gone to local hospitals and health facilities in three provinces where the company makes wine.

Others, mostly distillers, have pledged to produce hand sanitiser for both the public and doctors.

UK charities supporting those affected by restaurant and bar closures include Hospitality Action and The Drinks Trust.

Vinitaly 2020 cancelled

24th March, 2020

Vinitaly has officially announced today that it will not be holding an exhibition in 2020 for the first time in its 54-year history, but will be hosting a show on 18-21 April 2021.

Originally scheduled for 19-22 April this year, organiser Veronafiere announced on 3 March that it was postponing the show as well the various shows revolving around Vinitaly such as the International Wine Academy and Vinitaly and the City, until 14-17 June, due to the Coronavirus crisis gripping the country.

However, with the pandemic still rife in Italy – particularly northern Italy where the show is based – and worsening in parts of Europe such as the UK, it was inevitable that Vinitaly could not be staged even at the later proposed date in mid-June.

And today it became official, as Veronafiere released a statement around 1pm that the show in 2020 was cancelled, made in agreement with representatives of Vinitaly’s partner associations, which are listed below.

Not only will Vinitaly not be taking place in 2020, but neither will Sol&Agrifood and Enolitech shows, which are held in conjunction with Vinitaly, and have been rescheduled to 18-21 April 2021.

Commenting on the massive economic impact of Covid-19 for the exhibition business in Europe, president of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese said that the cost would run into billions of euros.

He said, “We must bear in mind that this situation has a massively disruptive impact on the European exhibition industry. To date, more than 200 events have been rescheduled, with an overall loss of almost 6 billion euros and 51,400 jobs at risk, not to mention all businesses related to this industry and the loss of 39 billion euros in exports for SMEs in Europe generated by international trade shows.”

Meanwhile, CEO of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, said that once the health emergency in Italy caused by Covid-19 had subsided he would be embarking on a “renaissance” for the show, which he had thought would be possible in June this year.

He commented, “The health crisis, as everyone can see, has become distinctly worse and what seemed possible out the outset is no longer so now.”

Continuing he said, “In agreement with supply chain organisations, Vinitaly, Sol&Agrifood and Enolitech will therefore take place next year.”

He also stated his intention to grow Vinitaly’s international business and create a new event later this year for the show’s partner organisations.

“In addition to implementing special investments in international events such as Vinitaly Chengdu, Vinitaly China Road Show, Wine South America (23-25 September 2020), Vinitaly Russia (26 and 28 October 2020), Vinitaly Hong Kong (5-7 November 2020 ) and Wine To Asia (9-11 November 2020), as well as initiatives organised by the Vinitaly International Academy, we will be at the complete disposition of the sector and promotion system to consider the development of an innovative event next Autumn at the service of sector companies.”

The calendar for the main events organised directly by Veronafiere or third parties affected by changes is given below.




Model Expo Italy – Elettroexpo

7–8 March 2020

21-22 November 2020


6–8 March 2020

Postponed to a date to be defined

Samoter – Asphaltica – ICCX Southern Europe

16-20 May 2020

21-25 October 2020


16-20 May 2020

Postponed to a date to be defined

Automotive Dealer Day:

19-21 May 2020

15-17 September 2020


22-24 May 2020

21-23 May 2021

Verona Mineral Show Geo Business

22-24 May 2020

21-23 May 2021

Vinitaly – Sol&Agrifood – Enolitech

14-17 June 2020

18-21 April 2021

Opera Wine                                    

13 June 2020

17 April 2021

Vinitaly and the City

12-15 June 2020

16-19 April 2021


15-16 June 2020

Postponed to a date to be defined

Art Verona

16-18 October 2020

11-13 December 2020


20-22 October 2020

21-23 October 2020





Vinitaly Chengdu

22–25 March 2020

Postponed to July 2020

Fieragricola Morocco @Siam

14–19 February 2020


Living Italy @Design Shanghai

12–15 March 2020

26-29 May 2020

Bellavita Expo Warsaw

21-23 April 2020

30 June-2 July 2020

Vinitaly China Road Show

15-19 June 2020


Bellavita Expo Hamburg

20-24 June 2020

12–16 March 2021

Vinitaly partner associations and their representatives include:

  • Ernesto Abbona, President of the Italian Wine Union
  • Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, President of Federdoc
  • Riccardo Cotarella, President of Assoenologi
  • Sandro Boscaini, President of Federvini
  • Luca Rigotti, wine sector coordinator for Alleanza Cooperative
  • Matilde Poggi, President of the Italian Federation of Independent Wine-Growers

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