Head of Marketing

ATOM Supplies
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
£60-70k negotiable
Full Time
Job posted
January 31, 2017
Closing date
28 Feb 2017

About us

If you’re suitable for this role then you’ll be a pro at research, so here are some leads for just some of our brands to kick you off:


Now that you’ve thoroughly researched them you’ll know that they have a few things in common:

  • They’re not ‘me too’ brands. They carve their own path and pick up fans along the way.
  • They put the customer first, so they keep those fans for life.
  • They have integrity. They exist for a reason, and they don’t bother with the vacuous.
  • They’re award magnets.

All of our businesses are on incredible growth curves. Each are significant businesses in their own right, and all of which fall under the purview of the Head of Marketing.


About the role

The group marketing deliverables are diverse:

  • Brand marketing – from branding to generating brand awareness, we need to know how to identify, prioritise and pull the levers which create world-class brands and advocacy.
  • Advertising – we need a deep understanding of advertising, aesthetic and psychological, so that the key message is actioned by an impatient, passive audience.
  • Digital marketing – we need to execute, analyse and iterate to maximise the bang for buck, until there is no more room for another buck to be profitably spent in that channel.

The Head of Marketing has full accountability and responsibility for making sure that there is a strategy which is underpinned by rational analysis, which is constantly evolving in the direction of perfection, and which is executed in a way which makes us proud (either because of huge success, or because we learned a valuable lesson from failure).

You will take full ownership of the department and you will report directly into the Board via the Marketing Director, who maintains a hands-off approach to management.


About you

Note the ‘we’ in the bullet points above. Looking for a master of all these trades is unrealistic, and Jacks of all trades need not apply. We’re looking for a leader that understands their strengths and weaknesses and mitigates their weaknesses by building and using a world class team.

You will manage to a 9-box matrix; building on and developing the strengths of your strongest, helping the ‘good’ achieve ‘great’, and managing those that aren’t delivering. You lead not by authority, but by earning respect.

You have a deep understanding in certain areas of marketing, and you know enough elsewhere that you can identify talent and challenge BS. In the same way as you make your arguments on the basis of sound rational analysis, you won’t be fobbed off or sold to by anybody. You challenge bad ideas with good data, and you’re not afraid to call people out.

One of your areas of deep knowledge is digital marketing. You are deeply analytical and tend to focus on channels you can measure and optimise. You’ve been in the trenches on this one, building campaigns and optimising spend, so you know your onions.

You think ahead and keep yourself out of tight spots, but you know to yell for help if you find yourself in one. You’ll be expected to mostly bring solutions to the Board, but you’ll also own failure and seek assistance in mitigating it.

You are action orientated. You’re more interested in a constructive dialogue than you are in presentation, although you can do the latter concisely and effectively. You win the licence to operate iteratively; proving value at increasing scale to unlock yet more.

You are a heavy hitter with a Director role in mind…



…which is handy, because that’s very much on the cards. The Group is growing and diversifying at a massive rate, and this role is part of the succession plan for the Marketing Director.

Until then, this is an opportunity for a talented and ambitious go-getter to make a name for themselves. We win, big, and visibly, and this is your chance to put your shoulder to the wheel and to share in that success.

We hope the salary is competitive. If it’s not and you believe you’re the one we’re looking for, speak up – tell us what you need.

Our best people become stakeholders in the business.  If you’re world class, you’ll get a piece of the action.


The Process

We’ll have a first interview in which we discuss the business and the role and generally sound each other out. Then we’ll have a second interview with a few new faces to drill into more detail. After that you’ll go through an assessment centre to see what they have to say about you and how smart you are (taken with the appropriate pinch of salt).

You’ll need to submit a compelling CV AND a cover letter to introduce yourself. The cover letter is your opportunity to market yourself to us, which you should be good at!

Apply for Head of Marketing

Must be a .doc, .pdf, .docx, .rtf file and no bigger than 2Mb
Must be a .doc, .pdf, .docx, .rtf file and no bigger than 2Mb