Master of Malt Ltd
Tunbridge Wells(Kent)
Full Time
Job posted
March 20, 2017
Closing date
21 Apr 2017

About Us
To get a flavour of us, what we do, and how we do it, check out this selection of words from these here blog posts:



What you’ll probably have noticed is that we have a certain way of communicating, which is very definitely a conscious part of our brand. We’re not afraid to take some risks, and we’re not afraid to indulge our silly side.

The Role
This role represents us ‘doubling down’ on our content strategy; more content; more outspoken opinion; more product detail; more informative and authoritative reference guides, reviews and blog posts.


The primary responsibility for the role will be to create a body of content which is informaitve and engageing enough to give people a reason to visit us, even if they’re not currently in the market for a bottle; one of those websites that enthusiasts have bookmarked to have a look at whilst scoffing down a salt beef on rye at their desks.


It’s a big job. There’s a lot to write about; so you’ll definitely need to work with, develop, and grow the content team to get it all done. You’ll also need to develop a wide roster of contributors to be called upon to supply content during periods of high demand.


There’ll be a lot of field work in this role; attending product launches and other press conferences, conducting interviews, and other things that get you out from behind your desk and into the big wide world…

About You
…which means that you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re capable of doing that. You need to be confident and well-presented, and knowledgaeble enough to hold your own in a conversation with the great and good of the industry.

Your spirits knowledge needs to be excellent, with a particular focus on whisky. You and the rest of the team have access to a massive amount of samples, and you’ll be expected to make use of this to develop tasting notes and to keep abreast of the latest releases. This will excite you.


You need to be thorough, with great attemntion to detail and written english (spot all of the intentional typos in this ad (and feel free to pick up some of the less-intentional grammer errors whilst you’re at it), for example).


You might have had a career in journalism, or maybe you’ve been involved in the industry in some other capacity and have run a personal blog on the side, but either way, your going to be able to show us written work that you’ve got out there on the internet.


You have human and project management experience, and can impress us with the large projects you delivered.


Applications should be made in the form of engaging prose. You should also prove that you’re a smart alec by pointing out all the intentional errors in this advert. I suppose you should probably send us your CV too.


Apply for Editor

Must be a .doc, .pdf, .docx, .rtf file and no bigger than 2Mb
Must be a .doc, .pdf, .docx, .rtf file and no bigger than 2Mb