Doña Paula Masterclass

Event Details

Join Dona Paula and The Drinks Business for this Masterclass which will showcase some excellent back vintages in a vertical tasting.

Dona Paula is a premium Estate winery, producing in the best areas of Mendoza for the last 20 years. This Masterclass will showcase wines produced from a range of climate and soil combinations, to demonstrate the influence of terroir and ageing on a range of Malbec expressions.

The Masterclass will be presented by Dona Paula’s Chief Winemaker, Marcos Fernandez, who will be joined on the panel by The Drinks Business Editor-in-Chief, Patrick Schmitt MW.

The tasting will be divided into two parts:Marcos Fernandez

1. Effect of climate and soil in quality of Argentinian Malbecs.

2. Short vertical of aged Argentinian Malbec.

Part of the tasting will focus on terroir research that has been done by microvinifying a number of Malbec samples from areas both within and outside of Mendoza. The aim is to taste around 4-5 microvinified wines and discuss the differences in style and taste of each of the Malbecs from different soils, altitudes, aspects, weather conditions and more. The tasting will include wine from Salta, wines from different Mendoza regions and Dona Paula Seleccion de Bodega 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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