Wilson Drinks Report - V21 December 2015

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Wilson Drinks Report
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March 2016
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Welcome to the 21st edition of WDR, V21.

Our new channel–focussed approach means we can include our selection of the latest channel market data and analysis alongside new primary consumer research relevant to each channel.

The highlights for this new edition include some new consumer research we have commissioned on the usage and attitude towards sparkling wines. Sparkling is still the hot category so
we have identified some important nuggets of insight about which sparkling wines consumers have drunk and what their favourite is. Prosecco vs Champagne vs Cava.

We also take another look at non–drinkers : this is a different way of seeing which consumer segments, split by gender and age group, are drinkers and which abstain. Most people will
be surprised, for example, how many 18–24 year old men don’t drink.

Our online channel section has the latest market data covering Q2 2015 and shows a drop in still wine sales. After a strong Q1 2015, Q2 has proved relatively weak, although there is a
wide range of performance within the major retailers.

The off trade and on trade sections have the latest data extracts from Nielsen and Matthew Clark respectively, while the other supporting sections have updates on all the key areas for
decision makers.

We love tipping points in BWS and report an interesting new one that has been breached : sparkling wine sales value has now overtaken sales of rosé wines. We also identify another
tipping point with sparkling wine sales (incl Champagne) now accounting for more than 10% of total wine sales. As always, we try to balance our analysis of the latest market data and
consumer research and provide plenty of “so what?”.

There is plenty of good news buried in our report, even if some of the sales headlines make for sober reading.

3 Welcome & introduction, executive summary

Off trade
5 Market data (Nielsen)
13 Market data (BBPA)
14 Consumer research : off trade – who drinks at home, how much do they spend on
alcohol to drink at home (YouGov)

16 Market data : online BWS retail trends (WDR)
19 Market data (IMRG, ONS)

On trade
21 Market data (Matthew Clark)
29 Market data & research (BBPA, Coffer Peach, Greene King)
30 Consumer research : on trade – who drinks out of home, how much do they spend
when going out, how often do they go out (YouGov)

Total market
33 Total market research : who drinks sparkling wine?
41 HMRC volumes, BBPA volumes (beer only), average alcohol consumption per
head, BRC–KPMG Retail Sales Monitor
42 Consumer research : preferred drink, spend at home vs spend going out (YouGov)
44 Consumer research : non–drinkers

Tax & duty
45 BWS duty receipts (HMRC)
46 Duty vs volume (HMRC), UK share of total EU duty

47 Temperature, rainfall, sunshine (Met Office) : 2014, 2015 vs 1981–2010 average

48 GDP, inflation
49 National minimum wage, commodities, Liv–Ex vs FTSE
50 Currencies
51 Asda Income Tracker, UK household spend, PPI payouts, retail sales growth
52 Economic forecasts : currencies, GDP, inflation, BWS volumes, duty receipts