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August 2014
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This interactive model illustrates how much time consumers spend using media each day. The data is sourced from Datamonitor Consumer s data model,  Daily time spent consuming media, which covers 25 countries. The model is accompanied by a PowerPoint report that highlights key take-outs, and an Excel file that contains the raw data.

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" How much time do consumers spend using media for non-work-related purposes each day?

" What proportion of media time spend is represented by online media?

" How has time spent watching television changed over the past five years?</PurchaseReasons>

Across each of the 25 countries studied, media usage has increased over the past five years. Crucially, such increases are not necessarily more pronounced in emerging markets, with South Korea and Canada experiencing significant increases in media consumption since 2008.

Without exception, time spent consuming online media is not only increasing, but comprising a growing proportion of daily media time spend. In fact in most developed markets, consumers spend more time online than they do watching television, which has traditionally dominated media time spend.

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

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