Success: Preshafruit

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March 2014
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Brand guardians can benefit from developing an in-depth understanding of the reasons for the success or failure of new product launches or marketing campaigns. In this case, the manufacturing process gives consumers access to "natural" and nutrient-rich Preshafruit juices packaged in an innovative triangle-shaped bottle. It is also a foundation for compelling brand storytelling.

Reason to buy
" Why is Preshafruit considered a compelling case?

" What consumer insight underpins the brand s success?

" Which consumer trends has Preshafruit capitalized on?

" What can I learn from Preshafruit s success?

Preshafruit won "Best New Beverage Concept" and "Best New Juice or Juice Drink" at the 2009 International FoodBev Beverage Innovation Awards.

Preshafruit reflects the emergence of the cold-pressed juice niche, and the unique qualities of the technology.