Success: Coca-Cola Shoppe

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August 2014
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Coca-Cola collaborated with Walmart (Effortless Meals) and Mondelez (Sustaining Snack Rack Program) for two successful US shopper marketing activations in 2013. Both have been expanded having met mutually beneficial manufacturer and retailer goals along the shoppers' path-to-purchase.

Reason to buy
" Why are Coca-Cola's US shopper marketing activations considered best-practice?

" What consumer and shopper insights underpin the success?

" What does this suggest about soft drinks as the next frontier in food pairing? And in what context?

While the impact of cross-merchandizing is relatively low compared to other store traffic influencers, multi-brand shopper solutions can elevate brand relevance and help to integrate shopper and general marketing strategies.

Both shopper marketing examples show that secondary sitings and promotional bundles can drive purchase intent for both food and drink.