Success: Coca-Cola Mini-C

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August 2014
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Portion control packaging represents one of five "innovation platforms" that can be used to enhance the permissibility of CSDs to combat declining category sales. The sleek-looking Coca-Cola Mini-Can is being sold in various markets globally. Its success to date suggests a big future for smaller CSD packaging formats.

Reason to buy
" Why is Coca-Cola's Mini-Can considered a compelling case study?

" What consumer insights underpin the format's success?

" What does the future hold for the category, the brand, and the packaging format?

The Mini-Can is an "uncompromised indulgence" by providing buyers a smaller serving (with fewer calories) of their favorite regular soda. It reduces waste and commands higher margins than conventional Coke packs.

Smaller-sized packs better enable consumers to manage their calorie intake. After all, the key to controlling weight  which is the leading weight management preoccupation in all countries where the Mini-Can has had success  is a combination of physical activity and balancing/limiting calorie intake.

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