Success Case Study: Seven

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October 2015
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" Launched in 2007, Seven Premium is a quality-driven private label pursuing improvement, and has successfully built consumers' loyalty to the brand. The brand has grown significantly by overtaking the previous leader Topvalu, and is expecting to reach $8.3bn sales in 2015.

" The success of Seven Premium has been led by its own product development process in which the brand continues to seek innovative approaches, and its products meet changeable consumer needs and trends.

The growth of the private label market has proven to be an enduring trend around the world. What was initially dismissed as consumers responding to the global economic downturn by shopping for private label products as a  necessary evil has now been established as being far more than that  private labels are here to stay, and winning share. Even in Japan, where the consumer perception of private label quality is markedly lower than in the West, there is evidence of retailers having success with their own labels.

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