Seize+Adapt Case Study: W

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May 2015
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Pack-Track encourages you to think laterally and explore opportunities available outside your own market sectors. This case study takes a closer look at an applicator pack currently used for Garnier Neo antiperspirant dry cream and considers how it could cross over into other product categories.

Reason to buy
" Why is the Garnier Neo deodorant tube considered an interesting case for Seize+Adapt?

" What are the key packaging benefits of this pack?

" Which consumer trends has this packaging innovation capitalized on?

" Could this packaging idea work for my brands or products and give me an advantage over competitors?

Discusses key features and packaging benefits of Garnier Neo's squeezable applicator tube.

Explores how this easy, quick, hygienic (and potentially fun) means of dispensing could be applied to other product categories.