Quarterly Beverage Tracke

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November 2015
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" Very favourable summer weather compared to Q3-14 brought heavy volume gains for soft drinks categories, during the customary summertime peak in consumption levels

" Austerity measures, public budget cuts, including pensions, and more rational consumer spending had a direct impact on consumption

" Soft drinks grew and took the lion's share from slowly growing ACB categories

" Key categories such as packaged water and still drinks benefited from the decent weather, and also from the evident switch from more expensive juice and nectars

Despite lower public debt and the public finance consolidation that brought austerity measures and wage and pension cuts, GDP is still positive. High unemployment is directly linked to the much-needed expansion of foreign investments and is by far the biggest obstacle for faster recovery. Modern retail consolidation from previous quarters left producers worse off in terms of negotiation positions. PL is present in almost all categories, but the only relevant share was seen in squash/syrups, due to poor brand loyalty and brand image from all important players in this category.

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" Gain an in-depth understanding of the most up-to-date trends in the Serbia beverage industry to support and enhance your strategic planning

" Investigate the latest quarterly and emerging annual trends in Serbia to back your marketing initiatives

" Analyse the latest beverage category 2015 forecast projections to make well-informed decisions on the outlook in the marketplace for your company

" View a selection of the key quarterly new soft drinks product launches and identify competitor activity

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1.1 At A Glance
1.2 Impact Of The Economic Situation
1.3 Highlights
1.4 Market Drivers
1.5 Market Trends
1.6 Soft Drinks
1.6.1.Packaged Water
1.6.2.Bulk/HOD Water
1.6.6.Still Drinks
1.6.8.Fruit Powders
1.6.9.Iced/RTD Tea Drinks
1.6.10Iced/RTD Coffee Drinks
1.6.11Sports Drinks
1.6.12Energy Drinks
1.7 Alcoholic Drinks
1.7.5.Other Alcoholic Drinks
1.8 Dairy Drinks
1.8.1.White Milk
1.8.2.Cultured Dairy Drinks
1.8.3.Flavored Milk
1.9 Hot Beverages
1.9.1.Hot Tea
1.9.2.Hot Coffee
1.10 Soft Drinks Quarterly Update
1.10.1Distribution News
1.11 New Products & Photo Shots
1.12 Focus On Soft Drinks Flavor Trends And Innovation
1.13 Data Tables
1.14 Pricing Tables