Online BWS Retail Trends Q3 2015

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Wilson Drinks Report
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March 2016
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A unique project is underway to identify key trends and growth opportunities within the sale of beer, wines and spirits online.

Wilson Drinks Report (“WDR”), who set up and contribute to the WSTA Market Report, are acting as an independent consolidator of online retailer ePOS data from most of the leading specialist online BWS retailers.

Why set up the online retail benchmarking project?

Total online sales of beers, wines and spirits are estimated by most commentators to be between £500 million and £1 billion per annum (to put this in perspective, off trade sales of blended scotch whisky are about £800 million pa while rose wine is about £600 million pa).
But there is no reliable, respected source of data on the online BWS market to provide substance to these estimates.
How can online retailers understand how they are performing against their direct competition?
How can producers, wine distributors and other key parties like analysts or generic bodies understand the key trends in the online retail market without reliable, ePOS-based data?

WDR Online BWS Retail Trends

We have prepared a new report using the consolidated ePOS data gathered from most of the leading specialist online BWS retailers.

Where possible, mixed cases of wine have been split out into their respective colour and country of origin.

Whilst individual retailer performance is not shown, the report clearly identifies how the online channel is very different to either the off trade or on trade channels.

The report provides clear evidence on key questions, including :

How did the total market perform?

How big is the total online market?

Is it growing faster than the off trade? If so, by how much?

Which type of red wine sold the most? (country of origin)

What was the average total basket?

How did the price of an average bottle of still wine compare to the off trade? (Hint : it is much higher!)

Reason to buy
Feedback from leading online retailers and suppliers:

“This is really good management information” – Garry Brooking, Trading Manager (wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks) Marks & Spencer

“It’s interesting to see market data that’s more applicable to our business” – Louisa Peskett, Merchandising Manager and Food Buyer, The Wine Society

“The new report from WDR provides new levels of detail about the online market which we haven’t seen before. It is really valuable to be able to compare our performance in key categories against the overall online market.” – Richard Weaver, Ecommerce Director, Majestic Wine Warehouses Ltd.

“This report provides useful insight into online wine retailing and as such, will be a valuable resource for those companies looking to grow their online sales further.” – Amy White, Marketing Director, Accolade Wines

“You have become the expert for online wine sales” – Category Manager Wine Online, Tesco Wine by the Case

Structure of the UK online market, market size estimate

1 page summary of Q3 2015 (infographic), volume & value by category

Key findings

Online sales growth (3 months to 26 Sep 2015)
Relative size & growth of online market : still wine by country, all BWS categories
Red wine : volume & value, ranking by size, average RSP, value share by major country
White wine : volume & value, ranking by size, average RSP, value share by major country
Rosé wine : volume & value, ranking by size, average RSP, value share by major country
Sparkling wine : volume & value, ranking by size, average RSP, value share by major country/region
Fortified wine, spirits, beer/cider sales : volume & value growth, average RSP
Top 10 selling categories by value
Share of retailer sales by type of wine

Seasonality : Importance of Q4 (Oct-Dec) : split of total value sales by quarter, Q4% of MAT sales split by retailer
Red, white, rosé and sparkling wine sales by quarter vs previous year : volume & value, growth

Top 20 selling SKU lists : analysis by country and grape variety

Key performance metrics
Average bottle RSP : still wine, sparkling wine
Average bottle RSP : French red, French white
Average bottle RSP : Champagne, Italian sparkling
Average total basket, change vs LY
# transactions, change vs LY
Total sales (all BWS), change vs LY
Conversion rate %, change vs LY