New Zealand Cider Market

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October 2015
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" Reckorderlig and Kopparberg are the companies that have seen the most growth.

" The mainstream segment has started to drive growth again overtaking the premium segment.

" Old Mout is being exported to the UK in order to take on Rekorderlig and Kopparberg in their most important market.

" Redwood Cider remains the leading player followed by Lion.

Cider has seen impressive growth in 2014, way ahead of other alcoholic drink categories. Domestic brands are likely to see a recovery as imports from Sweden start to fall. Somersby has been behind the growth in the mainstream segment and is expected to continue its success. Single serve glass bottles are now the main packaging type. Most cider volumes are sold in the off-premise channels, on-premise is however starting to gain shares.

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1 Data Revisions Summary
2 Market Update
2.1 Market Commentary
2.2 New Products and Photo Shots
2.3 Packaging Trends
2.4 Channel Analysis
2.5 Legislation and Taxation Tables
2.6 Cider Pricing Tables
2.7 Cider Data Tables
3 Cider Importer/Producers
4 Appendix
4.1 Disclaimer
4.2 Methodology & Product Definitions
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