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September 2014
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" Consumers are looking for healthier food and drink options, yet not ready to compromise on the taste, therefore manufacturers need to make sure that the product is, above all, tasty
" Manufacturers need to invest in natural sweeteners and simplify formulas to overcome growing consumer concern with ingredients
" With a wider choice of products available on the shelves, manufacturers need to make an extra effort to attract attention of consumers
" Aspiration is a powerful tool
" Proving quality to consumers increases sale volumes
" Ethical approach associated with better quality and craftsmanship
" In indulgent categories, such as Ice-Cream, manufacturers should focus on other attributes, such as superior taste, shared moments, and fun derived from the product rather than health,
" Timing of delivering marketing message is crucial
" Experience, provided by the product, such as personalization or creative activities, adds value to it.

 Innovation Strategies: New techniques and best practice case studies in Food, Drink, and Personal Care provides detailed insight into new opportunities in new product development, cross-category promotion, and marketing campaigns in both developing and developed countries. The evolution of consumption habits across the world means both retailers and manufacturers need a renewed understanding of consumer s changing lifestyles, and how this will affect their product choices. To do this, the report highlights innovative new product development for effectively targeting consumers most important needs, and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on the evolving motivations driving consumption.

Reason to buy
" This report provides actionable insight into new opportunities emerging in Soft Drinks and Hot Drinks markets via case studies
" This is based on Canadean s unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, which quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations in 10 Soft and Hot Drinks categories
" Understanding these trends, and how the most innovative marketers are seeking to target them, will allow marketing tactics and strategy to be updated in line with the very latest consumer behaviors


" Introduction and methodology
" Why understanding the consumer need states behind new product development is important
" Canadean has identified four key ways in which NPD is being aligned with consumer need states
" Break from the norm
" No trade-off
" Image is everything
" Offering something extra

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