Global and Regional Mega-

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May 2015
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" Consumers across the globe are becoming more image conscious and feeling under pressure to look good. This is being brought about by the belief that better looking consumers have better opportunities in life

" Almost half of all consumers across the globe are on a diet in order to try and lose weight or avoid putting it on. Consumers are taking steps to improve their waistlines such as reducing portion sizes, cooking from scratch more, and paying close attention to the level of  dietary evils in food and drink

" Consumers are particularly concerned about heart health and cancer in both developed and developing economies. Consumers are not just worried about the day-to-day health issues arising from their lifestyles but also the long-term consequences

" Once seen as something of a social taboo, consumers are becoming more open when it comes to the issue of mental wellbeing, as the proportion of consumers who feel stressed, tired, and say they are suffering from sleep-related problems becomes more noticeable

" The proportion of consumers who say they are suffering from allergies and intolerances exceeds the estimates set by respected health organizations. This is a result of consumers misdiagnosing themselves as they take greater self-responsibility for their health and research subjects more

 Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Health and Wellness provides expert insight into emerging opportunities in health and wellness, driven by Canadean s 2015 survey of 52,000 consumers in 48 countries. This makes it an extremely detailed, recent, and international study of consumer attitudes towards how they look and feel.

Reason to buy
" This report will help brands better understand consumers health and wellness needs

" This will allow them to improve the success rate of new product development and launch more successful advertising campaigns by identifying unmet needs, and having a more accurate view of consumers current attitudes and behaviors on topics such as weight, stress, lifestyle diseases, and beauty

" Canadean s Attitude and Behavior survey provides an extremely detailed, recent, and international study of consumer attitudes towards how they look and feel


Key Findings
Introduction to Canadean s Consumer Trend Framework
An overview of the sub-trends that form the Health Mega-Trend
Consumers are becoming more appearance conscious than ever before because of the pressure to look good
Consumers are concerned about the impact of diet-related health problems and are addressing their consumption habits in order to improve health
Consumers are conscious about their long-term health as a result of their lifestyles and want to take active steps to address this
Mental wellbeing is a growing concern for consumers as they look to reduce levels of stress and feel happier
The market for products positioned around allergies and intolerances is growing as a result of misdiagnosis