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September 2014
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" Growth in the global soft drinks market is being driven by categories with a healthier profile
" Mature markets are showing stalling growth in overall soft drinks consumption
" Beverage needs differ by gender, with women prioritizing products that offer indulgent tastes, and men seeking to meet their age-needs
" The functional drinks market offers beverage manufacturers an opportunity to overcome challenges such as stalled market growth in developed economies, a negative perception of the long and short term healthiness of some soft drinks categories, and rising levels of obesity and heart disease among consumers, which is driving demand for healthier food and drink options
" Although health and efficacy are vital, the main concern when functional drinks are being consumed is their taste, and manufacturers should be sure not to compromise on this aspect
" Manufacturers will need to break functional drinks association with fad diets and  magic bullet health solutions
" Heart health, weight management, digestive health, and cognitive development are key areas of interest for consumers seeking functional drinks

 Functional Drinks - Reassessing future potential, determining consumer targets, and delivering credible products provides a comprehensive overview of the functional drink landscape, analyzing the regulatory and consumer drivers to identify the best opportunities and strategies. The report identifies the primary need states that are driving consumption in five beverage categories  carbonated drinks, fruit juice, dairy drinks, bottled water, and tea and coffee  as well as identifying how beverage needs differ by age and gender. The global regulatory environment is examined and key hubs for innovation are highlighted. The report investigates the opportunities that the functional drinks market provides for beverage manufacturers as well as the challenges that diversification into functional beverages presents. Finally, the report offers recommendations on how to position functional beverages to consumers and the latest hot ingredients and packaging initiatives to implement.

Reason to buy
" This report identifies the opportunities that the functional drinks market presents for beverage manufacturers
" It explains how marketers can update their product and innovation strategies to make the most of new opportunities in the functional drink market
" Knowledge of the functional drink regulatory and consumer landscape will allow manufacturers to successfully position and market their product in a rapidly changing environment


" Executive summary
" Sources and methodology
" Identifying need states within drinks categories
" Overview of the functional drinks market
" The functional drinks market provides opportunities for beverage manufacturers
" Diversification into the functional beverage market presents a number of challenges
" There are a number of benefits for successful diversification
" How to position functional beverages to consumers
" Appendix

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