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August 2014
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This ForeSights report was compiled according to Canadean s ForeSights methodology which aims to identify new concepts that could influence consumer trends or have a future commercial application in consumer packaged goods.

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" How is the experience of eating marijuana significantly different from the experience of smoking it?

" What types of food and beverage products are being infused with cannabis?

" The sale of so-called  medical marijuana has paved the way for the development of marijuana edibles. How has this changed the game?

" Over-consumption is a big risk with marijuana edibles. What are product producers doing to reduce this risk?

" Choosing edible marijuana products can be daunting for novice users. How are marijuana edible marketers trying to make the process easier?

Infusing everyday products like cookies, candies, baked goods and more with marijuana (and its active ingredient THC) has become a new way to consume cannabis (where such use is legally permitted) for consumers that desire the effects of marijuana, but do not want to actually smoke it for various reasons.

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