Foresights: Growing Plant

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May 2015
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This ForeSights report was compiled according to Canadean's ForeSights methodology, which aims to identify new concepts that could influence consumer trends or have a future commercial application in fast-moving consumer goods.

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" How have breakthroughs in LED lighting helped pave the way for aeroponics?

" Sensors are a key element of the aeroponics concept. How do sensors work to make aeroponics highly efficient?

" What types of crop are best suited for aeroponics?

" Why is aeroponic farming much less likely to suffer from pest issues than conventional farming?

" How is the local food trend a key factor in helping aeroponics transition from experimental technology to a practical concept on a commercial level?

The resources needed to grow crops including land, water, and nutrients tend to be limited, while farming itself is very dependent on uncontrollable factors like the weather. Aeroponics tightly controls these factors, making extremely efficient use of natural resources like water while enabling year-round farming thanks to advanced LED lighting.