Flavor Appeal in Carbonated Drinks ; Flavor preferences and innovation opportunities

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December 2015
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"  Underscoring the merits of flavor innovation in the category, traditional fruity flavors become less appealing as consumption frequency increases.

"  Brands should be wary of positioning new and unusual flavors in a purely youth-oriented manner (as is typically the case with flavor innovation), as demand for innovative flavors transcends age.

As adventurous consumers seek antidotes to boredom and monotony, flavor innovation presents a valuable route to growth for carbonated drinks. Flavors inspired by a range of ethnic cuisines and ingredients are a high growth segment, which reflects consumers' exposure and growing interest in new cultures and experiences. Rare and unconventional ingredients are also an important platform for innovation, as they can enhance perceptions of exclusivity and sophistication  which many brands desire but few successfully achieve.

Reason to buy
"  Identifies and analyzes the most appealing flavors and flavor types in carbonated drinks.

"  Offers insight into the consumer segments that are most likely to be a key focus for innovation.

"  Places flavor preferences into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and needs.

"  Provides insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

Attitudes and approaches to flavor selection
Carbonated drink flavor preferences at a glance
Flavor preferences by consumption frequency
Flavor preferences by region
Opportunities by flavor type: fruity
Opportunities by flavor type: unique
Opportunities by flavor type: tart/sour
Opportunities by flavor type: dessert
High-growth flavor segment: Asian pantry staples