Examining a Growing Trend

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September 2014
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Given at this year s World Juice conference in Barcelona, this presentation highlights who the regular juice consumers are, why they might be moving towards private labels, and what brand owners can do to counteract this. This is done using Canadean Consumer s insight and innovation services to give an understanding of the future of the private label market.

Reason to buy
" Who are regular juice and smoothie consumers and how do they view private label products?

" What is happening in private label juice right now, and why do these products appeal to regular juice consumers?

" How can brand owners combat the future threat of private label juices?

58% of regular juice and smoothie consumers say that private label food and drinks are good alternatives to name brands. This is compared to 45% of non-drinkers of juice and smoothies drinkers who think the same.

Private label juices have evolved from a three-tier structure to one that offers more relevant innovation in the top tiers, making room for more premium and niche launches that appeal to specific consumer groups in a way that brands have done. In some cases, this is even happening ahead of branded innovation.